Patch Pal of October 2016Sara Maugere

Sara Maugere is a Tampa native who spends much of her time bouncing between Tampa and St. Pete. Sara originally came to The Blueberry Patch a few years ago but began calling it home when she started attending events regularly since January of this year. She is one of the first to walk through the door on a Patch night and can almost always be seen working the 7 o’clock shift volunteering at the door. She has proven to be a consistent and reliable member of our Patch family and for that, we have asked her to act as our vendor liaison!

Sara is incredibly talented and fluent when it comes to her understanding of sign language. You can occasionally see her on stage during our Open Mic events, turning words into beautiful performances by interpreting lyrics as sign language. Sara supports local music and is beloved by many of the bands and artists.

Sara, you are a wonderful gift to the Blueberry Patch. Thank you for your dedication to our community and we are thankful for all that you do!

Peace, Love & Blueberries!