Previous Patch Pals of the Month

Patch Pal of May 2017Aleisha Prather

Our Patch Pal for the month of May is Aleisha Prather!!

She is originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, she is currently a student at USF, and was recently chosen for an artist program in France. Aleisha has been a big help with some of the new artwork at the Patch, including the Gnome house in the back corner of the Labyrinth property, as well as the giant rooster mural on the east wall. She also helps a lot at the front door on Patch nights, so when you see her working the front desk on a Patch night, give her a big thank you.  Thanks for everything you do Aleisha!!

Peace Love and Blueberries!!

Patch Pal of April 2017Steve Wainman

Our Patch Pal of the Month for April is Steve Wainman.

Originally from Olean New York, Steve made his way to Florida back in the late 50’s. He has been helpful on volunteer days, completely revamping our now very well lit Recycle area by the stage. Steve has also repaired a few of the benches and chairs you see throughout the Patch that were damaged from exposure to the elements. You can also see him helping out with odds and ends, chipping in wherever needed.

If you happen to see Steve on a Patch night, thank him for doing his part to keep the Patch in great working order!

Peace, Love & Blueberries!

Patch Pal of March 2017Chris Brown

Chris Brown, or Chris “MF’en” Brown, as he is affectionately known, is our Patch Pal of the Month for March. Chris is a native of the Tampa Bay area and has been around our music scene for many years. He is a sound/stage technician and regularly works at many of the biggest venues in the area including Jannus Live, Vinoy Park, Amalie Arena and the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center; setting up and breaking down sound systems, lighting and stages.

Chris also plays bass in a couple of local bands, mainly Troy Youngblood & the SoulFish, and also with High Cotton -Tampa Bay and Tres Gringos. He was also a key member of Skull and Bone Band, which played in our scene for many years. He is a pretty kick ass guitar player as well.

At The Blueberry Patch, he is always helping lend a hand in anything stage related, including set-up and breakdown. He is a frequently core member and MC of the Blueberry Patch Ramblers for our monthly Jam nights on the 11th of each month, as well as helping on many open mics and other events as well.

Be sure to congratulate Chris the next time you see him and thank him for all he does to help the Patch provide awesome music for our local area!

Patch Pal of February 2017Otis Suggs

Otis found his way to the Blueberry Patch a couple of years ago and has been a great volunteer at the front gate, helping in the food area and has created some incredible visual art pieces for the last two Burning Blueberry Brother events. He is one of our newest Sharevival board members and a great overall volunteer. If you don’t know him, you should!

Thank you for all that you do!

Peace, Love & Blueberries!

Patch Pal of January 2017Wyly and Jessica Weeks

Our Patch Pals for the Month of January are Wyly and Jessica Weeks!

If you attended Burning Blueberry Brother 14, they were two of our most dedicated volunteers. If you enjoyed the nest, thank them. If you enjoyed the black light area, thank them. Did you see Steampunk Santa?

Wyly and Jess have been volunteers and have grown with us over the years. Their effort and enthusiasm is to be celebrated! Thank you both for all you do!

Peace, Love & Blueberries!

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