Humdinger Music and Arts Festival

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Humdinger Music and Arts Festival
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Blueberry Patch, 4923 20th Avenue South, Gulfport, FL 33707
From : Saturday, 19 March 2011 12:00
Until : Saturday, 19 March 2011 12:00
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Unlimited seats
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Humdinger Music and Arts Festival at the Blueberry Patch!!

Humdinger Music and Arts Festival

10 bands for $10

  • Funky Seeds
  • Free Range Roosters
  • Ramblegrass
  • Shoeless Soul
  • Skull and Bone
  • Zen Fishcamp
  • Reina Collins Band
  • All Capital KYLE
  • Chris Sggamato
  • The Applebutter Express


Humdinger is an independent network of musicians and artists, committed to the preservation and sustenance of The Blueberry Patch, through purposeful community building, music, and positive vibes! We are going to rock the place!

Come be a part of it!! $10 donation at the door.

Visit the Blueberry Patch facebook group for more information!

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The Blueberry Patch

Dallas Bohrer

"Welcome to my backyard!"
- Dallas Bohrer

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Every Saturday is volunteer day where everyone is invited.

Uncle Dallas says, Thank You...Volunteers

Make art out of anything available, work in the vegetable garden, and make friends.

The Blueberry Patch Loves it's volunteers!

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