Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Blueberry Patch is a peace loving community of artists, writers & musicians. The Blueberry Patch is a location for the freedom of music, art, written word and performance.  Sharevival, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the power behind the “Patch”.  It’s ultimate goal is to keep the Blueberry Patch alive as one of Florida oldest thriving artist’s retreat. The “Patch” strives to give to back to the community through reoccurring multi-functional social events, revolving around art & music and offering a place for personal growth and acceptance.

Extended Version of our Mission as defined by Peter Duffy, Blueberry Patch elder

The mission of this non profit organization is to preserve and to insure the continuing evolution of Florida’s longest surviving artist’s retreat.

The Blueberry Patch, and its component element “Sharevival”, sharing to survive and surviving to share is the vision of our Founder, Dallas Bohrer.  It is a multi-faceted venue which exists as a well established reality, not as a mere hope or dream to be executed at some future time.

What is being preserved?

1. It is a gathering place for artists, writers, artisans, those who appreciate and support the arts.

2. It is a place which provides a stage and setting for local artists and musicians to entertain each other and the people of Gulfport four times each month.

3. The grounds under a canopy of trees is a garden where various local and exotic plants are lovingly tended as a showplace for Mother Nature’s beauty and bounty in profusion expressed in one acre of land.

4. The over arching principle that is the foundation for all of the above is:

Cast off materials from industry such as wood, glass, block, brick and steel can be gathered and collected then provided to artists and artisans from which they may make works of art.

While this is a noble goal in itself, the principle goes on to recognize that the energy expended to manufacture these materials which would be otherwise destined for junk yards and land fills should be saved from decomposition, and advanced into artistic compositions. Further, instead of releasing that energy into decay, advancing it and carrying it forward seems to be more enlightened.  That artists are provided various materials with which to create is the collateral benefit of Sharevival.

While still evolving, the Blueberry Patch was stunned by the illness of our Founder, which marked the end of the 33 year historical period of the Blueberry Patch.

The Blueberry Patch is what it now is.  It is what Dallas built it to be.  Now, a Board of Directors has been established, comprised of people who believe in the sanctity of that dream.

They have taken upon themselves the mission to keep these principles alive and to carry them forward until Dallas is, once again, able to pick up the reins.


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