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What is the Blueberry Patch ? What is Sharevival ?

What is the difference between Sharevival and the Blueberry Patch?

One helps the other. One is the server of the other. But I can’t necessarily tell you which one is the server and which one is the receptor. The Blueberry Patch is Florida’s oldest surviving artist retreat. it is a place to come and meet people you wouldn’t get a chance to meet otherwise.

Which came first?

I really don’t know if there was one without the other. The idea of a Blueberry Patch came at me when I had my art gallery and design studio. I was having art shows. I got involved in promoting musicians who were very talented. We held events out behind the gallery/studio. There was a large field and we put on some really great shows. The artists were meeting and sharing with each other. My desiring to share was the reason I had gotten into the gallery in the first place. I had my own design business growing at the time. It was doing quite well, and I had plenty of clients in a full schedule. That was was when I really got into appreciating art and artists.

That was probably the first Patch. We had acquired this piece of property. We kept on expanding. It was a great location in Phoenix, right across from one of the larger churches, down from one of the major shopping centers. We had parking for about 40 cars. We had a parking lot across the street and the church’s parking places. We were able to arrange some well populated events. It was called the Dal Bohrer Design studio.

How did the concept evolve?

Everything that I do is based on my appreciation of the arts. I emphasize and promote, as much as I can, people who call themselves artists. Because being an artist is the hardest thing to do. It’s a path that only the strong take on.

The Blueberry Patch is a physical reality; Sharevival is a concept, what is the difference?

Well, you couldn’t grow cotton unless you had fields to plant it in.

What are your victories so far?

Well, sittin’ here owning this piece of property, and desiring to expand from here, with positive moves being made to make that possible, is my continuous reward.

How does Sharevival need to grow?

Every way; up, down, over, and into outer space. Every wall, all ways up.

What is the role of the Blueberry Patch?

The Patch is a server of the people. When they need us, they come. It is a place to reap, a place to sow, where you are certain to find someone you’d like to know. It is a hospitality area for people to come and sharevive. It truly is the best meeting place for the artistic community in this region, because there are like-minded people who already know the principles of Sharevival. It has an instant and eager need to to applaud the artist.

What makes the Patch unique?

I would have whoever showed up at the Patch walk through and ask everyone here that question. Thumbnail sketch? I don’t think there’s any way I could stop talking, it would have to be and elephant’s thumbnail.

Is the Blueberry Patch the oldest surviving artistic retreat?

You know, I’m not certain that, out there in the land of artists and artisans that we are the oldest. We are the oldest surviving artists’ retreat in Florida, and I am very proud to say that. I feel that if we aren’t the oldest in the world, we do have that spirit.

In what ways does the Patch help people?

The point of the Patch is to show an example of what should appear between major cities throughout the country or universe, where industry’s castoffs come together and artists and artisan get a chance to create and make their own space.

What is a Patch Pal?

I want to say, that is anyone who tunes into the Patch. They don’t have to do much more than tune in and follow what we’re about, because if they do that, they will start shareviving.

What does the symbol on the tee-shirts mean?

Well, it’s peace in the fullest sense of it. We start our meetings on the 11th day of the 11th month. We’ve added a few days that also complement my thinking of numerology.

Eleven is the number of peace in the book of changes. Our symbol is the sign of peace.

How does the Blueberry Patch multiply itself?

We are going to give industry a chance to become heroes, that is, labor as well as Big-Pockets. In fact, Big-Pockets will probably never have a chance to be heroes as what we will offer them.

It doesn’t depend on whether we become a non-profit, but that will give us the means to do it properly. We can offer industry all sorts of incentives to be our heroes. Our ability to bring publicity to an area that needs to be improved will be an important part of what we are about.
Explain your understanding of recycling?

In my idea of recycling, of course I see industry’s cast-offs being used in all kinds of ways.

How would you help industrialists become heroes?

Back when I was first working with pallets, I envisioned that between major cities there will be palaces made of pallets and other cast-off materials, which would help industry become a hero. The money movers, the industrialists, the big boys can become heroes by providing their cast-off materials: their slag, their out-takes, their end-cuts, whatever.

If they provide them for artists to use, they are heroes.

All the people from who we accept cast-offs will become part of the 22 Club. They will be donating 22% of their donation monies to the Blueberry Patch with a full write off. They will also be heroes of the bottom line. If you’ve got an empty truck in LA and it is going through Detroit, why not fill it up with stuff in Houston and drop it off on the way by for artists to use in Dayton, Ohio? The teamsters need to be heroes too.

Industry provides raw materials to you and you provide them to artists to use to create with?

Yes. They are taking it from what it used to be and turning it into art. I call it “new-found energy”. It took so much energy to get it to this point, let’s stand on that energy to make it art. Sometimes you have to tear it apart and rebuild it but it still is the same material.

With the raw materials and artists that you have collected, what are you hoping to create?

The beat goes on. The artist goes into production somewhere, found materials are used for art, somewhere.
Joyous vibrations take place around me. I’m only here to create joyous vibrations. My creation is joy and if you don’t feel it, you’re not in the right place.

What is your canvas?

My canvas is the Blueberry Patch and it’s potential to exist between major cities everywhere, on rooftops, and outside pool halls.

What are you painting on that canvas?


What does sharing mean to you?

When I say sharing – the best way that I can describe “sharing” is to have the artistic frame of mind. That’s what I’m saying when I talk of artists and promoting and helpers and sponsoring them. That’s what sharing is based on. We do try to share with our neighbors, but we do have to give to people who are giving to us.

Is it realistic to promote sharing in materialistic culture?

It is so important that I would stand up in front of the world and tell them that they are damned if the don’t learn to share.

Is it even possible to fight for sharing in this culture?

Well, I think I’m a pretty good example.


Sure, but what isn’t? Part of what we do is to have events once a week where we do have outstanding, talented musicians and artists sharing their talents with us. And, some of them play pretty loud. And, there are times that we are called on the carpet.

Why share? What is the rationale?

Why not share? Let me ask you why not? Can you give me one good reason that you shouldn’t share? You don’t want someone to have as much as you do?
Describe a person who believes in Sharevival?

Well, I could start at the top of the peak. The guy at the top realizing that your water is frozen, offers you some of his that is not frozen. then I would descend to the swamp with a person in that swamp surviving among the gators offering you some of the water that he has salvaged, water from the leaves, from the trees. That’s a really broad perspective, the alpha and the omega, as it were.

Why is it so important?

I think anyone in a proper frame of mind doesn’t necessarily look at the benefits when he gets the urge to share. The joy that he is given by sharing and the joy that comes to the people he gives to, does make for a vibration that is hard to come by.

Describe your particular rewards from sharing.

I guarantee you that I am probably the most loved individual, hugged by beauties, lifted up and tossed around by men who could take over the world. In celebration of just “being”, I am so blessed with people give back the joy that I get from being around.

What is your share of all of this?

My share is the other part of Sharevival. I am surviving probably healthier than most people my age, even though I don’t necessarily toe the line. I have joyous vibrations.

Should one share without expectation?

Thousands and millions do.

If someone has nothing, can they still share?

The best way to get something is to share.

Why does the Patch endure?

Because of Sharevival. We are an energy within an energy. People come and go and come back bringing friends.

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